Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dollar-charged texting, anyone?

There’s no doubt we can rarely live without cell phones today. Who among us would dare not to care if we’ll be charged three times the cost for sending a text message?

I really wonder if this government still has some other things on their discussion tables other than giving us “just taxpayers” the extra burden every time they want to venture onto something. Sure, the telecom companies earn a lot, so why not charge their incomes instead?
First it was project blah-blah, now it’s for national computerization of public schools… I wonder what the next alibis are… maybe the computerization of tanod outposts…. Internet connections to Mt. Apo, or day care for stray dogs…

With too much things to worry, with all the prices going up, here comes another government-designed monster, destined to impose taxes on even the simplest caprice the common people could afford. There has been a statement expressing that it was not designed for the common people to pay, it’s for everyone who uses cell phones, including our politicians. I think they need to realize that even if they pay the same text taxes we do, we are still on the losing side. We are not stupid enough to be sure they have their phone lines or call cards charged to the government. This is yet another manifestation of our leech-inspired social structure… we ordinary workers work at hard jobs, pay our taxes for the government to pay the padrino- qualified employees, who have cell phone card allowances. Who suffers in the end? If a rich person sends as many text messages as the poor ones, and they shall be taxed equally, who could feel the burden more? It’s just like giving identical sandwiches to a well-nourished girl and a malnourished one, then taking it back just after the first bite to give it to the dogs instead.

The plan to keep up with the technology by giving our public school children access to the information superhighway is noble, but how can we be sure it will be used that way? A taxpayer like me would hardly agree we can see the developments in society after being deducted monthly for the income taxes we must pay. It has always been like this- you work, pay your taxes, suffer the bumps along the barangay road where you live, or shoulder an additional electricity fee to PECO to lighten up the foot walk in front of your house because the streets lights just don’t function but never get repaired. It’s quite a good motivation to pay taxes, isn’t it? And now this one… just wondering what part of our lives will soon be taxed…

On the otherhand, I have known so many people complaining that the school computer is exclusively for the use of the beloved principal, or supervisor only… wow… that’s how we define access to the internet…I am also a product of the public education system, and I think it will be good to give opportunities like this to poor children. It was only during the college days that I realized I’m too far behind my classmates, graduating from private high schools, when it comes to computer. Back in high school, we did have computers, but for display purposes only. It’s a noble plan, the problem is who would likely do the sufferings again?

Face your Fears

Have you ever come to think of going face to face with the thing you really don’t want to do? Have you ever experienced feeling weak or helpless in some things you encounter? Every human being has a thing called fear. It is the unexplainable feeling of not having the strength or even guts to do something … the things you would never dare to try. Think of it, however. The only thing you can do about your fear is facing it. If you have the weakness towards something, never go away from it… or turn your back on it…. for it will surely cross your path again sooner or later. Many people would surely give something up if they feel it is too difficult or hopeless. These individuals never realize that the longer the time spent in ignoring such thing makes it stronger and even scarier to face when time or consequences make it unavoidable at last.

Let’s take these cases. If you are afraid to love again because of a number of failed relationships, don’t you think someone else deserves the chance to prove his worth? If you are afraid of being rejected, don’t you ever think it is about time to convince yourself that nobody gets accepted at any cost no matter who they are? If you are afraid of death, ask yourself this question: “Who among the billions of human beings lived more than 150?” If you are afraid of ghosts, don’t you think the reason why we are called humans is the fact that we are above any other creations? If you are afraid of speaking in public, can you forgive yourself if you should miss one big opportunity that might change your life just because of a short speech? If you are afraid to trust people around you due to an unpleasant experience, don’t you think it would be unfair to others who always choose to be true to you?

Fear. The word itself could scare you away, but it doesn’t mean it is stronger than anybody’s will to overcome it. Face it, go over it… after all, it is just a four-letter word full of misconceptions; deceiving, dreaded but capable of being won over!