Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things to remember in taking tests

In taking a True-False test, consider the following:

Look for extreme modifiers that tend to make the question false. Modifiers, such as always, all, never, or only make it more likely that the question is false. They are called extreme modifiers. Here is a more complete list:
  • all 
  • none 
  • best 
  • absolutely 
  • always
  • never 
  • worst 
  • absolutely not 
  • only 
  • nobody 
  • everybody
  • certainly 
  • invariably
  • no one 
  • everyone 
  • certainly not
Qualifying words tend to make a question true. Qualifiers (seldom, often, many) increase the likelihood that the statement is true. Here is a more complete list of QUALIFIERS.
  • usually 
  • frequently 
  • often 
  • sometimes 
  • some 
  • seldom 
  • many 
  • much 
  • probably 
  • a majority 
  • apt to 
  • most 
  • might 
  • a few
  • may 
  • unlikely 

B. In writing essays, look for the clues in the direction

Be careful with the WORDS that gives direction for answering the question.

1. Verbs that ask you to show differences in several ideas or situations: 
  • contrast
  • compare
  • distinguish
  • differentiate
2. Direction verbs that ask for a set of items or ideas that were presented in lecture or reading. These action words generally require more precise wording of items by giving numbers or steps:
  • trace
  • outline
  • list
  • diagram
  • solve
3. Direction adjectives that ask for specific information considered to be important:
  • significant
  • critical
  • key
  • important
  • major
  • principal
  • essential
  • vital
4. Directions verbs that ask for a specific meaning or picture of a concept:
  • define
  • clarify
  • describe
  • depict
  • illustrate
5. Direction verbs that ask you to review an idea or concept in your own words:
  • summarize
  • survey
  • discuss
  • explain
6. Directions verbs that ask you to speak in favor of a concept or give the reasons why it should be accepted as valid:
  • defend
  • argue
  • debate
  • contend
  • justify

Simple ways to look good for free!

It is natural for people to have a “look good” desire. Many of us, when asked, may say that we don’t actually care about how we look. There are some instances, however, when we exhibit the opposite. Having the aim to look presentable doesn’t really mean you have to cover your face with cosmetics. That would make us unrecognizable. What a shock would that be! Taking care of how we look is as simple as taking a shower daily, cladding ourselves with clean outfits, or even having a minute or two to look at ourselves in the mirror. Most women might think looking simply presentable isn’t enough. They go for something extreme- with clothes, and even with their faces and ended up looking perfectly like a walking palette. How gross!

Rather than aiming for a fake face, consider the following simple steps to look your best!

Discreet. The men are looking secretly
as my friend Marj goes sightseeing in Boracay.
Not everyone is born with the gift of beauty, but that doesn’t end there. Having a beautiful face is less impressive than a regular face that’s clean and well taken care of. Go and take a shower everyday! 

Make it a habit to brush your teeth. Your pearly whites can make you shine even brighter and attract more people. Do it even when you are just at home! Never make the trouble of developing yellowish teeth by skipping the brushing schedule. It is the first one people will notice when you smile.

Take the ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsss. Sleeping from 10 pm to 4am is proven to help regenerate cells. Not having enough sleep could mean looking tired the next day.

 Enhance your look by highlighting your face. This can be done by finding out the best hairstyle. Do a little research on what style fits your face’s shape. Never jump into something immediately, you made end up looking funny.

For sure, you want to stay sexy or slim, but never miss a meal. Instead of pigging out on your favorite sweets or fatty foods, go for something healthy like fruits and vegetables. You can eat as much as you can without feeling guilty.

SMILE! It shows how good you feel about yourself!
Have a great mindset and let it reflect. When you have a happy heart, you'll have a  great personality and it shows in your aura! Go somewhere with confidence and perfect smile. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a smiling face!

Do a dress rehearsal. This is especially when you are planning to go out. Make sure you have tried your pair of clothes to be sure of the end- image. Make sure they are pressed and spot free. Never let yourself down with clothes that looked like from the laundry basket!

Never go pale! Add to that face value by applying light make up. Make sure it matches your clothes and above all, skin color.

Practice voluntary disconnection. Take time to relax no matter how difficult time gets. You don’t have to travel to do this. When face with everyday constraints like at work, devote some time to shift your attention for a while. Sip coffee, listen to music, or have a retouch of your looks. Never let pressure ruin you! Stress can’t haunt you when you are determined to knock it out. It's fine to reward yourself! 

Coffee-licious.  Not just a cup, it's a work of art from
"Nothing but Desserts", Smallville. 

Be aware of your actions. Practice your social graces even when you’re under pressure. When things get tough, never make your poise go away. Face things with great composure!

You don’t need to be a genius to know how to take care of yourself. You don’t even need to rich to look good. Being conscious of your appearance and making an extra effort to enhance one’s self is enough. Natural beauty isn’t enough. Loving and taking care of yourself is the best way to look your best.