Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Earn Money Online: 5 Reasons to Write for Yurtopic

How to make money online? That is one of the Internet's most keyed in questions, and fortunately, one of the lines that triggered many to try writing or do home-based jobs. 

Of course, we all want to cash in on our writing talents. Despite the popularity of websites and web writing, many would fall victims to people pretending to be clients and buy original articles at the price not even a high school kid will appreciate. There are plenty of writing job advertisements on online portals, and they almost always have one thing in common- they cause brain drain and pay your efforts at very low rates. Of course I know that, I have known a lot of people, and I even almost tried it myself. Having a full-time job, however, made me realize it is not worth the effort. That's until I found as I was on random net surfing for blog ideas. Here, I will give you the top five reasons you should put your best foot forward to get into the list of Yurtopic contributors. 

1. It is basically a new website, and that means, there are many topics waiting to be written. Of course, Yurtopic gives you the chance to make money online with lesser competition. 

Categories in blue are the ones that have articles already.

2. They pay you a fair price, and gives you the chance to accept or decline the article price offered. When your article is expertly written, you will receive a contract of work. So, why not do your best and write quality articles?

The list says it all. It pays almost twice the amount offered by people who actually outsource.

3. You don't have to worry about the photos to include, they do it for you! You even earn extra if you share your own images.

4. The staff support is excellent and timely. I may say that CEO Paul Lucas is a good example of a hands-on leadership. Don't you think it is nice to receive updates directly from him? 

5. It gives you the chance to have your work published, the way you want it.Special instructions page gives you more flexibility to inject imagination and creativity to your work! 

If you want to write for, write a good article and fill out the application form! It's not rocket science!

Who said that making money online is difficult? With your writing talent, you can sit comfortably at home, earning from what you love to do!