Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our First Meeting: Seeing Everything Clearly for the First Time in a Long Time

This is originally posted on my other blog. 
It was like having a specific word on the tip of my tongue and finally remembering it the very moment I saw him at the arrival area. Something like my unspoken "Eureka!" Sounds strange for me too, but it is right. Ah. Perhaps, for quite a long time, I loved the melody of Savage Garden's I Knew I Loved You. 
After months of talking for hours every day, there we were, smiling like we've missed each other a lot. A little flashback. I felt a little nervous thinking how it would be if he is actually not my type. I was already thinking of the ways to make him feel  okay just in case we don't click. Then my phone rang. It was him, asking me where I am. He just got out of the arrival area and was a bit worried why he didn't see me in the crowd. He was thinking of the worst too: that I am not going to show up and he is a plain stupid person who flew for 11 000 kilometers to see nobody.
I caught him looking at me...hmmm..on my shoes at first. haha. I am 5'5" on my kitten heels and office uniform. At 5'10", he was so neat in his white long-sleeved shirt. (He told me later in the day he likes the fact that he is taller than I am though I wear heels. haha) One of my bestfriends whom I tagged along to keep me calm nudged that I go meet him quick. He was smiling as he called my name. I gave him a quick hug and a cheek to cheek. He kissed me on the forehead. I never felt that great.
Since I was a teen, I always believe that a kiss on the forehead is the most romantic of all. It shows how much the guy respects you as a woman. That's why I said it just felt right. In fact, it feels righter than the rightest right.
"Schmetterlinge im bauch" as we always jokingly say to each other. And we had indeed.
As we held hands all throughout the trip to his hotel, I knew his hands feel like it was made perfectly to fit mine.
How about you? How did your first meeting go? <3 p="">