Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top five ways to prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer. What could be scarier to women than breast cancer? There are actually some ways to help prevent the disease even before it starts, yet there are some simple ways many of us overlooked. Here are the top five ways to breast cancer prevention.

1. Stretch ‘em up!!!

It has been noted that there is a great connection between amount of exercise and breast cancer prevention. Research says doing an intense exercise regularly lessens the risks of our estrogen levels. The higher the estrogen levels we have, the higher the risks for developing breast cancer. It means, the lower the levels, the lower the risks too! Why not keep moving?

2. Eat right

Stretching our muscles daily may help some more if supplemented with proper diet. Women must be aware that prevention of breast cancer can also be as simple as eating healthy and keeping a good lifestyle. Changing our choices of food and nutrient intakes make a huge difference that can be enjoyed long term.

3. Be aware!

Never rely on your personal judgment alone. Most women find out their conditions only too late to be treated easily. To prevent breast cancer, know the ways to examine yourself, and when things are not so good, seek medical help. A simple visit to the doctor may actually be your life saver!

4. Be futuristic

Always try to look at the possibility of having breast cancer beside your lifestyle. With the feeling of dread brought about by the mere thought of possibly having to deal with it, get a shot of the vaccine. Many women chose not to stick to their diet or exercise alone, but take precautionary measure to the closest certainty. Why live with the fear of having breast cancer when you can prevent it this early?

5. Invest on your health

Try to account the expenses you have for the movies or fine dining. If you can actually afford such, then saving a little for your health insurance and medical examinations fees can be quite easy. Once you have the plan, stick to it. It’s better to be prepared than be caught defenseless.

Preventing breast cancer may sound quite tough as discussions on the ways to do it may not end sooner. These, however, shall not be neglected nor ignored. Our simple way of living the right way; having a healthy diet and active lifestyle in the present will help us enjoy life to ripe old age.