About Me

Preschool Dictator. College kids disciplinarian. Wordsmith. Blue-penciler. Graduate school disciple. Wanderer. Coffee-holic. Traumfrau to mein Deutschmann.

Has the best stories told over dinner or coffee, or sometimes drinks. A little to never a dull moment; you just have to be worth the time.

Weekends do not equate to rest days; it's a date with paperwork.

Appreciates great things but generally loves a tote bag full of school supplies, and yes, those books on display too!

Buy me coffee and you're definitely gonna have the best day of your life, everytime.

Trips away from the city = freedom from public scrutiny. Got lists of places labelled "off limits" or "stealth mode" because students (or parents) are there and won't waste any second to have their presence felt. Got used to the celebrity status and mastered the art of turning off peripheral vision.

Thinks vocabulary from the teenage world aren't a sign of immaturity: there is no better way to understand creatures in the classroom.

Bad days at work meant rants; I'll vent out coz I trust you. Soliloquy doesn't have to mean insanity, too. I just need a moment articulating with my sidekick named "self". Your "Tomorrow's gonna be a better day", is highly appreciated.

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