Monday, June 13, 2011

First Days of School

The first day of school is what I was looking forward to in the last two months. It finally came, and I felt strange not really feeling like I want to wake up early and go to work. Too bad for me, I think I do have a "first day of school/work sickness". No, students, you are not alone in having the need to just sleep a bit longer.

With the kind of schedule I have, I was wondering how to juggle so many things at once. There are some new subject loads on my schedule. If the last semester was haunted by philosophy, now it was quite interesting having sociology as a new addition. I find speech class  an interesting one, too.

After a semester of wearing my flats, now I decided to wear shoes that would add some inches to my height. I always have the feeling of not having to wear such as I am taller than average girls. My first day of school has then turned into my first high heeled shoe day for the semester. Now, I am planning to wear my flats only when I go to my graduate classes. 

As always, new faces I met asked questions regarding my age, which in return  I would answer with a smile and the expression "have your bet". Do I actually look older or fortunately younger? I wonder what they're thinking! 

With the new sets of students, it will take about a week or two to adjust again. Never to mention my own educational concerns. Did I make the right decision to add graduate school schedule to my time table? Someone asked about the possibility of me, still having the time to be with my family, friends, or for social life. I couldn't be happier when I realized that though much has changed in the last 10 months, I still enjoy those things!

Oh, first days of school. Lots of realization, challenges, and fun waiting to unfold! 

How will the second week go?