Sunday, May 15, 2011

I keep plants at home.. why not?

Coloful gift. A friend's present from her hometown. Now sitting in our backyard.
Our former spacious yard has provided more opportunities to plant. Sadly, with our renovations, the battle to keep the space green posted a challenge. I love being with nature and my “green hands” always help me with stress relief. Other than my silent companion and unresponsive conversation partner, the plants’ colors make me happy, and thus make my days vibrant. Whenever possible, I plant, trim or structure them. 

Personal fave. The petals complement the
dark green leaves.
Known to bring natural beauty to our dwelling areas, even the simplest house plants actually provide comfort and welcoming atmosphere to our homes. Just a glance at the green hues around me makes me feel better. More than just a display, they are known to absorb the carbon dioxide and other bad toxins in the environment. This will result to a fresher air to inhale, not to set aside the flowers inviting butterflies for a visit every morning. 

So leafy. Provides good shade when you sit
on the branches at the adjacent side! 
As fatigue reliever, handy oxygen source, and ornament, it is quite difficult to imagine life without plants around us. I have always complained to my father about his habit of pulling my plants out. 

I think plants should be allowed to continuously bloom for the following reasons: 

1. Plants are silent air quality controllers

In cities where people tend to live or work in sealed buildings, indoor plants are the best solutions to keeping air fresh. They help ease sick-building syndrome by converting impurities in the air as food and giving back oxygen in return. Even NASA’s research proved the same! 

Welcoming heart. Sitting by the stairway.
2. Plants are healthy living partner

It is by relieving stress that plants help in reducing cases of high blood pressure and even stiff muscles. When you feel good, your heart rate stays in normalcy.

3. Plants can be an Idea Box

House plants can also foster generating new ideas. This is possible as we are more relaxed in a greener environment. When the mind is clear, we become more creative and can think well. This is the reason I usually write under the shade of the tree just outside our main door. Having a clutter-free mind means healthier and happier days.

Silent onlooker. Hanging by the wooden fence
4. Plants play a role in being a therapeutic matter

Some plants we keep at home don’t exist for nothing. In most cases, as in our ancestors’ experiences, plants have provided remedies for ailments. Burns, itchy insect bites and even baldness are some of the troubles our houseplants are capable of healing.

5. Plants are surely study partners

A study by the Royal College of Agriculture suggests that students studying in a classroom with plants showed higher level of attentiveness, and are more relaxed. In hot regions, indoor plants in the classrooms made it possible for students to limit yawning with the available fresh air. The more students listen, the more they learn more, thanks to plants!

Queenly! Blooming after many years!
After reading an article about how spider plants ensure cleaner air, my sister and I decided to breed more and hang them by our window. Perhaps, plants are good for countless reasons. It creates healthy environment, productive minds, and even natural first aid. With what studies suggest, I think we should try creating greener spaces at home or even in the office. That’s a little effort for bigger returns.

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