Sunday, May 8, 2011

Going religious? Doing visita iglesia in 2011

Interior lights. Antique chandeliers inside Molo Church, Holyweek 2011
I don’t want to consider myself a perfectly religious individual. I often have my own beliefs on religion. In fact, my mom and I find that subject the most irreconcilable difference between us. She likes attending traditional catholic mass, I, on the other hand, prefers to do it in random churches.

Queue. People waited their turn to kiss the holy relic.
Molo Church, Holyweek 2011

I have nothing against being dogmatic in religion. I just don’t feel comfortable being fixed with the beliefs not always suited to present lifestyles. I don’t want to wear dress when going to church as catholic dogmas want, but I do believe in God and go there in jeans and T- shirt, never anything that shows skin and steal the scene.

The Holy Procession. Passing by our neighborhood. Holyweek 2011
I don’t have intentions of becoming a nun or church choir member, but I do pray to God every single moment. When people around me talk about their strong religious beliefs, I don’t say anything. I believe that people have their freedom to worship in any way they want and I don’t want to brag my ways either.

Holy Procession. Passing by the crowded street. Holyweek 2011
Nevertheless, I try to live up to the expectations of my religion in my most decent way. If there is something visible about my belief.. That would only include going to the church to light a candle. I guess not all knew this, but I bring my own lighter or match. My grandmother said, lighting my candle from other people’s mean I would be carrying the burden they wanted to get rid of.

Holy Procession. Holyweek 2011.

Another thing, every Holy Thursday, I do my Visita Iglesia, doing the way of the cross in seven different churches. I have been doing this with my bestfriends for the last five years.

The Feminist Church. Parish of St. Anne (Molo Church) houses all female saints 
Lastly, I watch or join the procession of religious relics before paying a visit to Molo Church to kiss the crucified Jesus Christ every Good Friday.

I don’t think this is way enough to pay my religious dues, but that’s closest to the best I can do. Most of the things I do for my religion are kept secret. It is between me and God.

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