Friday, June 3, 2011

Seven reasons I make smiling a habit

Nothing can be compared to starting a day seeing a smile on someone's face! I consider it a great start! 

People tell me I have a smile stick on my face. I don’t know what to say, but that’s just the way it is. If there is something worth seeing without having to pay anything, I may say, a smile comes first on the list. But why is this plain thing so wonderful for people you meet?  

Often, we forget that wearing a pleasant face is powerful enough to change the mood of those we meet. As we bury ourselves in too many tasks, we get lost in the minute details and forget about the small things that actually matter. Every day is just like a routine schedule of having to get to do countless tasks and get tired, be reminded of the bills we must pay or even dealing with the grouchy supermarket cashier. Those are just some reasons we may forget to smile.

Tell me who your friends are. Keeping positive people fosters happy smiles.
Curious of the advantages of having to smile, I compiled the proven reasons we must live everyday with positivity in mind, and having it reflected on the face. Smile! Benefits ahead!

1. A grab on happiness
No matter how gloomy your day is, try to pull some reasons to smile. With some seconds of even forcing yourself to do so, your body will start releasing chemicals that will back your feeling up. Notice the improvement of feelings and the happiness you can feel from within. Keeps heart healthy, too!

2. A shift of emotional state
Beyond all the  irritation, boredom or anger you feel, a smile changes the way you feel. You don’t have to grab your office buddy and smile in front of his/her face. Do it for yourself. By trying to will yourself to smile, you will pour great mental possibilities. Believe it or not, this will change the way you view the complicated world you’re in for the moment.  With a smile on your face, you are building actions towards positive things, a string of it, actually. This will not only make you feel better with yourself, but will go a long way on getting along with people around you.

You are who you are? The face reflects what's on your mind.
3. Help others regain optimism
Having to walk along the hall with smiles greeting you can make a lot of difference. Not only will they feel empower and being in a friendly area, it melts away tension and even draw the social distance closer.

4. Forms positive habits 
Given the chance between having to frown, poker faced, or to smile, the latter seems to be the most negative-warding choice. Not all of us were gifted with a positive mind having reasons to keep face pleasant, but trying to remember the rewards it brings, you can form a habit and will start to amaze people you meet.

Being young at heart. Feel happy the way you do back in childhood.
5. An easier option 
It is proven that smiling makes use of lesser muscles than frowning. Why trade more muscles when you can use lesser and feel better too?

6. Makes us attractive
People are drawn to those who looks friendly and positive. A beautiful face coupled with a smile makes it even attractive. Frowns and emotion less faces push people away or set limits.

7. It is contagious, in a positive way, of course
When you smile at others, they feel better and are bound to smile back at you. This will go a long way as they meet others along the way. That’s even if they just have to go from the office pantry back to their desks!

Putting the action in test, try to smile while thinking about something unpleasant. It’s perfectly hard, isn’t it?  The body can sense what’s on the mind, and they can never contradict. A smile is the simplest action used to identify a positive thinker easier than any other tools or devices available. More than just for positive image, smile to stay stress free and healthy. 
Whatever it takes.  Do what you love, and be happy! 


Can you share some of  your reasons for smiling? 

* images from my personal camera, Samsung NV11 and my friend's Nikon DSLR camera.. ♥

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