Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top five foods for a slimmer body

Slimmer body? Why not? Let’s face it. Women are dying to have slimmer bodies, and many of us would resort to countless ways. You may have read countless articles or even books on how to stay slim, yet all of them got you even more confused. Just the thought of the word “dieting” keeps people scared or even feel totally deprived.

The problem with most women’s dieting for a much slimmer body is the strategy to keep the extra off. When they choose to eat snacks within a definite calorie range, they found themselves feeling more deprived and end up eating more.

Remember, instead of punishing yourself with the strict diet, plunge into nutritious food that will help you stay slimmer, after of course the benefit of good health!

Here, I have included the top five foods that made up the smart food choices guaranteed to keep you in shape when coupled with activity. You will not only learn to eat properly in your lifetime but also enjoy the benefits of changing lifestyle for the better.

1. Tomatoes 

Let’s stop arguing whether or not it is vegetable or fruit. The thing is, with its taste, you won’t believe it hits a much lower calorie meter. As it can be eaten raw or cooked, the flexibility of the preparation and availability makes it an easier option. Sounds easy for reaching the goal of a slimmer waistline.

2. Apples

Fiber factory! As common as it is available everywhere, apples are great sources of fiber that pulls cholesterol levels down while aiding the digestion process. Another great thing about this is not having the need to yield calorie intake while enjoying the taste. A recent research suggests that eating at least three apples and pears to daily meals can help you reduce weight than eating oatmeal.

3. Salmon

What can be healthier than fish? It is proven that fish can help prevent heart disease as with other sea foods. A good source of protein, salmon is low in calorie and has a tolerable fat content. When in need of protein but wants to avoid other meat, absolutely there is fish!

4. Eggs

There have been confusions as to how many eggs can be eaten daily. It was proven that eggs for breakfast can make you fight weight gain daily. When eaten at breakfast for least twice a week, you are guaranteed to shed some pounds a lot higher than those who prefer to eat bread.

5. Almonds

This is absolutely a combination of tasty and healthy! As a popular middle of the day snack, women tend to eat more of it as it was found that twice weekly consumption can make you lose weight effectively. With a combination of fiber and protein, you are safe from weight gain, feeling fuller for a longer time.

There are so many myths about weight loss, but only very few works. Instant slimming will never be for a long-term. Remember that in keeping your body slimmer, there are simple foods often neglected. When coupled with exercise, you can stay confident with your slimmer silhouette.

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