Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos aka Ahcee Flores: who is she?

Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos aka Ahcee Flores. The name made synonymous with "trending for bad behavior?" It has been a little over 24 hours that the name Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos aka Ahcee Flores has been bombarded with so much controversies! Who is she? What did she do? Does she really deserve this "online bullying" she claims to be suffering now? Did she just do it to get her name trending?? Is it even worth the try?
February 6, 2012.... When everyone else in the Visayas was in the state of panic, running for their lives, gathering courage to keep the presence of mind for what has been the strongest earthquake (6.9 in magnitude) in the region so far,  she, Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos aka Ahcee Flores, has posted something like this:

translated, it says: Let us pray.. that tsunami will push through so many Visayans will die to lessen the "outdated/uneducated/primitive people" in the Philippines.

This, undoubtedly spurred countless reactions, both in support and against her.. with mostly for the latter. Many found  Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos aka Ahcee Flores' post as adding insult to injury. In a sane man's point of view, you will never curse and pray that people will die from tragedies! Worst, they are your fellow countrymen!

Now the thing has just gotten personal with death threats, hate pages and criticisms for what they said to be "her perfectly crooked grammar not even matching those of a B elementary pupil in the Visayas whom she wished to die".

Lesson?? Freedom of speech is your right, but it ends when you start stepping unto others' human rights and dignity. For publicity or not, Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos aka Ahcee Flores must learn her lessons.

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  1. A reckless statement such as Ahcee's is so striking that it's so hard to ignore. If she really is envious with Visayans, she could have shared it with a friend but not go public about it. With what happened, it is a must for her to learn her lessons. She abused her freedom of expression. I suggest she be sanctioned for that.