Friday, April 13, 2012

The Dangers of Online Dating

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The dangers of online dating has just increased tremendously. With the advent of technology, even relationships upgraded. What used to be a great aid in communicating has become a way for others to get deceived or to deceive. Have you ever asked or wonder what might be the dangers of online dating? 

Research have shown that 2 out of 5 relationships started online. It isn't something shocking as almost all of us are hooked up in a wired world. There is no place on earth to hide anymore. But other than the undeniable benefit it brings, online dating has become an avenue or danger. It has become a dangerous playground of hearts, of deception, and of abuse of those who may be letting their heart rule what the head should control.

Online dating can pose danger if one isn't strong enough to resist falling inlove with someone they haven't met. People you met online can be a group of African syndicates that target those who are longing for the love of their lives overseas. Think of this: These people scammed millions out of those who believed and they are willing to invest time and effort to get you milked. 

Next, online dating might be an avenue to meeting Ms or Mr Right, which has worked for many, too. This, however, make up the minority of those who joined especially the free sites. If not those from Africa, one danger of online dating is that you might meet or even get to date someone who lies about age, weight, marital status, and other stuff that may hinder the growth of a true and lasting relationships. Some people may even get you played as they consider you a part-time lover. This will eventually end up in heartaches and missing opportunities you let go coz you think you have found the right one and made them a priority.

The most widespread danger of online dating is getting involved in cybersex. Most people in free sites would resort to friendly talks first to get into what they actually wanted to do. When invited to do video chats, be sure you are willing and ready to see what you might not expect to see. Some people are actually exhibitionist waiting for the perfect timing to get things done. 

Online dating has brought people together. It has made love stories possible even across the miles. Many have found success with love that started online but double that number to get into the real figure of those who have fallen into the dangers of online dating. It is best to just enjoy the moment of dating, and maintain awareness of reality. If you can't even totally trust those whom you see everyday, how can you trust people online so much? 

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