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Poverty in the Philippines

A Term Paper by Leonie Patriarca

Poverty's victim: Children born in an impoverish society suffers more than anyone else.

I.                   INTRODUCTION

God created us to become his good servants and prophets. He gave us knowledge and ability to use in daily life. For how many decades past, the lifestyle of the people change. They become lazy and abusive of what He gives to them. Until the situation turns into worst problem called poverty.
            Poverty is a big problem of each poor. It is the shortage of the basic needs of the people in a state. According to Jose V. Romero Jr. writer of Manila Times,” poverty is the biggest challenge of governing in planning and development.” It can bring many effects which it can harm to our  society.
            Common effects of poverty like insufficient foods and nutrients , unemployment, lack of education and increasing of crime rates are the problems facing our government nowadays . it becomes the big revelation  in Malacañang  especially  if we back in the time of Arroyo Administration. Many Filipino’s can’t afford to buy nutrition food. In many own view we all suffer in effects of poverty. But  why most of us cursing our political leaders in this kind of problem? It is true that they are the reason why our country is not progressive? Or we the Filipino’s who are lazy?
            There are” characteristics of a typical poor income Filipino’s household” according to Jose V. Romero Jr. One of this is “having a larger than average of family size”. In this situation the parents can’t sustain well the basic needs of their children. They can’t easily earn for the future of their sons and daughter. Their salaries is enough only for their food, electricity and water bill. Their children can’t continuously study in school to gain knowledge because of financial problem. Sometimes other families can’t eat malnourish and always get sick.
            Most poor minors in Philippines join in robbery gang, snatching, and pick pocketing to get thousands of monies in easy way. Though this, they can buy all the things they want by drugs, they are independent to do such worst crime like killing innocents. That’s why the crime rates in our country is increasing year on year.
            Poverty here in our country are mostly happened in city areas. People lived in squatters and composed of many children. They are surrounded with garbage’s and near from dumpsites. The life of each family is not stable because of situation. In my opinion, they live miserable because they are facing such problems that until now, it has no solution. Children suffer in hungriness because their parents can’t give enough budgets for their food. Thus their body is affected because they are not eating nutritious food that need by the body. They usually get sick and if they did not admit to the doctor, there is possibility that the sick person will die.

Caught in between. A man cooks food between the railways in a poor side of the country.

II.                BODY

            The Vice President and Foreign Affairs Secretary, Teofisto Guinana Jr. delivered at United Nations International Conference on Financing for Development 2002 in Monterrey, Mexico about “the challenge of poverty” here in Philippines. According to his deliberation which I’ve read in Manila Standard “Our land Is rich but the people are poor. Our advance to relative progress was disrupted by the financial crisis in July 1997. More than 30 million have fallen below the threshold of poverty”.
            Due to this uncontrollable poverty there are a lot of Filipino people who don’t have a job. This common effect of poverty is called unemployment.
            Unemployment described as “involuntary idleness on the part of those who have failed to find employment or who have lost their latest job but are able to work and are looking for work”. This definition is according to Dr. Gregorio S. Miranda, author of the book titled Introductory Economics.
            There are “effect of unemployment “which I’ve read in the book titled contemporary social problems and causes which it is authored by Dr. Custodioso A. Sanchez. According to her “ the unemployment  problem is of gave concern because of the  resulting poverty that afflicts the people . physical as well as mental weakness result from malnutrition which appears to be related to poverty and is an accompanying syndrome of unemployment. Apart from the physical deprivation unemployment affords, its morale-destroying effects in the form of hopelessness, family discord and the like becomes inevitable”,
            This kind of problems relates to my neighborhood, they are seven children in their family plus their grandmother. Their parents are both died because of an incident. Since their mom and dad gone, they live like a miserable dog. The eldest daughter is taking care her younger brothers and sisters. Next to her id the eldest son. On his very young age (15 Years old), he decided to become a slave by the others for the sake of his family. He earned   150 pesos to 220 a day. But this kind of job he enters is temporary only. Sometimes, he can’t work for a weeks or months. Thus they suffer in hungriness.  Their grandmother can’t help them to sustain their basic needs because she is too old to work. The eldest sister tried to find permanent job or ever temporary in such restaurants  and fast foods , but she never hired by the manager. For the reason that she is not a high school graduate and she is too young.
            Parents and other graduated students are mostly go abroad. They go to progressive countries to earn more. They left their love one’s to give financial for daily expenses. They will do everything even though that love one’s to give financial for daily expenses. They   do everything even though that their families far from them. For parents, they left their children to their relatives because of poor situation. They have to work both to provide the needs of their family. As a result the child becomes dependent. They are neglected and lack of care and guidance. Their parents work hard for them to provide needs especially in school. But others sons and daughters especially teenagers are prefer to be with their friends instead that they studying. We can found them in disco houses and bars. Some of them join in fraternities and sororities or gang. So, they are influence by their friends through smoking, drinking alcohol and the most is by using drugs.
            Because of these, another problem will be encountered. And it is illiteracy.
            Illiteracy is one of the common effects of poverty. It is the lack ability, knowing and understanding of a person. A man who is illiterate can’t easily socialize to others. They have a self-conscious of they had on their selves.
            Illiteracy here in our country is by large and by large. More and more Filipino students can’t study or can’t afford to their miscellaneous.  Their parents can’t send them in school because of priority expenses such as food, water, and electric bill. The department of education or DEPED surveys that “ the children aged age 7 to 12 who enrolled in public and private elementary school are dropped from 96.95 percent in year 1999-2000 to 83.22 percent in year 2006-2007. In secondary level, students aged 13 to 16 in year 2006-2007 dropped to 58.59 percent from 64.43 percent in year 1999-2000”.
            In fact, our local government together with Department of Education joins forces to help poor and illiterate Filipinos. They do a big responsibility to make their people as a good and educated. They have a scholarship for deserving students. But many Filipinos students didn’t grab the opportunity. They pressure their selves in other things that can make them happy.
            As a result, there some crimes happened here in Philippines brought by illiterate children or even illiterate teenagers. They do not know if what’s right and wrong. They are against in the rules of our government that made for peace. Also, they are lack of knowledge to use for their selves.
            In manila city for example, an elementary school offers a 100 percent scholarship in next school year. It is available for grade three students who have an entrance exam and if the students who wants to avail the scholarship even thought their average is 90 below? Those students who didn’t pass the exam? They have a chance to continue studying in next year? Thus the number of illiterate is increase. Because their parents can’t sustain miscellaneous free or even their basic needs. Their children will grow illiterate and easily influence brought by their friends on its society.
            If a man will aged 18 up and he is illiterate, there a possibility that he will going decide to find a job. But it is hard to him in that decision because it is understood that he is illiterate. So he can’t earn a thousand of money to survive his self in poverty. It is future will become miserable especially if he reach the aged of 60 up. Because no a days, a lot of companies required that all applicants are college graduate. They didn’t allow even college students. And even a university graduate is hard in finding jobs.
            Illiteracy as l read in newspaper is the reason why most Filipinos are jobless. Many children can’t read well and write. Also, people cursing other schools that they are the reason because they didn’t give opportunities to those students who wants to learn.
            Some illiterate children are come from abusive family. They were maltreated by their parents through forcing them to work. Then, their full earnings are usually got by their parents and use in self-interest. Also, abandoned children are one of the reasons why the number of illiterate children increases. Their family hates and dislikes them. After that they were abandoned, they go to other places to seek food. They are mostly found in streets, overpass, and plaza or outside the malls and fast-food.
            Involuntary prostitution is one of the effects of illiteracy. They are lack interest in studying, but they are the victims especially the teenagers because do not know from the start that the person recruits them has a bad intention. Sadly, others are hooked on gambling. They use to play illegal cards and cockfighting. Thus they earn more money but they preserve their selves in doing crimes or illegal to have money
            Others are will rather to work than wasting their time in schools. They have seen that even in a college graduate is jobless is jobless or construction laborers or utility boys.
            The last common effects of poverty are insufficient of food and nutrients. Many Filipino’s lived without adequate food. The worst most are skipping meals, or even the children are going to sleep without eating. It’s because they can’t afford to buy nutritious food that needed by their body. They eat mostly dried fish and rice. As a result, their body id thin and they easily get sick. There are no enough nutrients to support for the remaining of standard activities of the body. Because of this our health will be affected. The disease will occur to our body like ulcer. This disease can get if a person has no proper way of eating notorious foods.
            For example, wife is pregnant about four months. She knows that she has a low immune system because of their poor situation. Her husband has no permanent ob. Thus the wife can’t eat nutritious food and fruits well. The salary of his husband is enough to buy their basic needs. They can’t go for check-up if what’s the situation of the baby. Whenever the baby born, there is possibility that if h or she grows, her or her immune system is low too. Her or his mother can give a constant care but fewer budgets for the food, milk and daily supplements. In fact, it is needed that during the first three months of the baby, it will undergo in many check-ups and feeding. The baby has its personal doctor to observe the situation. They are the ones who help the family on how to make their children strong and energetic.
            Due to this situation, children are more affected. They are suffering in hungriness because of the high prices of goods. Our government is helping especially street children’s who can’t eat. It is the priority of the leaders to feed them and give proper health care and protection.
            Hungriness in our country is by large and by large. We are tired to think if what menu we will going to eat that can give us  more  energy. If our body can’t take nutritious food, it may lead going to eat that can give us more energy. If our body can’t take nutritious food, it many lead to disease which
Is another problem that exists.

Scavenging juniors. A common sight to see among the uneducated in a poverty-stricken country.

III. Conclusion
Many Filipino’s shouts if what’s the solution of poverty. They mostly curse our political leaders in budgeting  of taxes that we paid.
            In fact , there a solution on how to stop the widespread poverty. “The administration have claimed that agriculture is the backbone of our economy” according to Jose V. Romero Jr. And I agree that because our country is the source of fruits, vegetable and other plants that can be sold in other countries, for the people, it is useful to them for their living because it can help lesser their expenses. They can harvest their fruits or vegetable and deliver it to market. So the family can survive in hungriness because of their efforts. Yes, effort. This is the word is we need right now. People in our society are lazy. They want to earn money in easy way. They join in robbery gang, snatching and pick pocketing. But this person is usually imprisoned. The PHP taskforce are security for peace to prevent crimes that commonly happened.
            Our government can help us in providing jobs. It is the big solution for the who suffer in poverty. For parents they can earn for the future of their children. They can sent their sons and daughter  in schools to gain knowledge. Their children will grow literate and can socialize to others. As the year ages by they will live stable and far from hungriness.
            Nowadays, many students grab the opportunity to work. They apply in fast-food, malls. Restaurants and call centers to earn for the next opening class. They use their time wisely for the sake of their dreams. Some of them apply as a working student on their school. They are the ones who help their selves because they know that their parents can’t give enough financial for them.
            Another common issue in our country is about corruption. If this a problem prevents, our country will improved and become progress. The text that we pay is the biggest which leaders get. They used it for their self-interest. For how many millions up billions of pesos they get from us. If this problem avoid, many public sectors of our country are going to help the poor because they are loyal to their work.
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