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The Practice of Political Dynasty in the Philippines

Arellado, Marvin

Clarite, Edsel
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I. Introduction

What is the reason why people and their family members are interested in entering and practicing political dynasty? Political dynasty is one of the hottest issues here in the Philippines.

It is defined as family members or relatives running for positions in a government. According to one of the famous families that practices political dynasty are the Garin clan here in Iloilo City. Majority of their family members run in a government in different places here in Iloilo, they run in different position and holds different territories to lead their constituents for a better way of living and believing that they can help to progress our city in their own way and understanding. These people practices Political dynasty for some reason.

Running our country with Political Dynasty have different effects in people, society and in our country. Families that runs different positions in a government with good intentions will change people’s beliefs, way of living and will have a good quality of lifestyle, while if the government runs their territories with personal interest, it can cause poverty, corruption, high rates of crime and many more because of misleading of their government officials that run their territories.

There are many reasons why people and their family members are interested in entering Politics. Some people use the politics for personal interest and some use to help and change people’s perspective. But there are so considerations why they are entering in politics, here are some reasons why. First, for wealth, second, to serve in public, third for fame and lastly, to gain power.

II. Body

Being wealthy or to become rich is one of all people’s dream and ambition. To enter in
politics is the key to be wealthy for the people with corrupt minds, but not all of them use that position for personal interest. According to here are the top three richest lawmaker here in the Philippines. Manny Villar and her wife Cynthia Villar gains the top spot of the richest lawmaker in our country with the net worth of P1.046 billion in 2008. The second is Representative Ferdinand Martin Romualdez in Leyte with the net worth of P947, 883 million and lastly, the third richest lawmaker is Representative Julio Ledesma with the net worth of P447, 529.

Being wealthy can boost your self-confidence, because you can have what you want and can get what you need anytime, it also can boost your confidence because people think that you are have a high standards in all aspects. But being wealthy also have a negative side and disadvantage, If you and your family member is known to be wealthy, you are prone to all crime such us kidnapping, death threats and more. People will take advantage of your wealth if you are not wise enough to spend and use it.

Having a high quality lifestyle is one of the benefit when you or your family is rich or wealthy, because you can buy all the things you need and you want, such as clothing, food, house and lot, cars and everything you desire. Running in politics is one of key to have a quality lifestyle, because of a high salary and to some dishonest politicians can corrupt people’s money and use it for personal interest.

Freedom is one of the things can give you if you are rich. Being wealthy can do whatever you want. Because of money and resources you have you can do things you like whether good or bad unless it’s not against the law. According to Robert E. Ganer freedom implies an absence of restraint; we are free to behave as we please until somebody challenges us or compete with our values and way. Freedom is very important in our country so people can act and work normally as they want.

Local dynasties in Western Visayas. Image from 

Public service is one of the reasons why people and their family run in politics.

Because they want to serve the people and to serve their families. Public service is helping or serving people what they need in the community or society, helping them through goods, materials, or money to satisfy their wants and needs to have a better living. One of the services that the politician are serious about is the medical support and assistance in our country. Wealth is health, that’s why they are more serious in helping people that are physically ill and in not good condition with their health, especially to those people who are poor and old enough that cannot supply there medical attention. Some politicians and their family donate medicine and any medical equipment to some barangay and health clinic, and sometimes they build a hospital for free check up and give free medicines for the people who can’t afford their medical needs.

To change people’s perspective in life is one reason to help our country to be progressive. Changing people’s belief is the way for having a good life and to have a good economy in our country. This will help us by means of believing us that we can do everything we want and can accomplished our goals and dreams.

Building or helping a charity program is one way to help people. Here in our country today have many charity programs that help different kinds of people; they ask support in a government to help them and by helping them will give you their trust.

To be known or to be respected is very important in our society. Because this will determine if people like or dislike you and your family. The other reasons why people practicing political dynasty is to gain VIP treatment to him and to their family. Having a VIP treatment feels like a King or Queen because you are secured in everywhere you go with escorts and bodyguard, you will have freebies in different places when you are invited in parties or events and treat you not as an ordinary person. The other reasons why their families engage in politics are to acknowledge them in history in terms of politics. They want to be recognize what they have done for our country and the changes they have imprint in our history. One of the examples that recognize in our Philippine history is the former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. who was assassinated on August 21, 1983 at Manila International Airport or also known as Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Because of his death people recognize him and the things he did in our country, and these things will be remembered by the people for the next generations to come. To be famous will change people’s point of view and the beliefs in you and your family history.

Power is the ability to control or influence a society or in a country. Power is one reason why they want to run in a government, you can do anything you want if you have the rights to control the people. Expanding their territories in different places is one of their aims so that they can hold people and places they want. Expanding their territories can gain more of their resources and can supply their needs in different places. To apply new laws and policies is the work of our government; these are one reason why they run for position so that they can control the people and set them to maintain peace and order in our country. Law is a set of rules made by the authority that our officials implies so people will understand what is right from wrong whether it is acceptable to do in our society.

Controlling the people and the country is a big role for a government official. They can’t handle it alone by their self, so sometimes they encourage their families to run in different position to help them and to help their territories that they occupy to be progressive in any way. Leading them with good intentions will improve their self in different aspects and can develop a new breed of community for the next generation for the good benefit in our country. But misleading them with dishonest and unreliable leaders can cause our society a big problem; sometimes it can cause revolution, corruption, poverty and the breaking apart of our country with other nations.

III. Conclusion

There are many advantages and disadvantages in practicing political dynasty.

It is up to the leader that the people chose how he runs his territories. Families practicing political dynasty can preserve what they have and can expand the things they want. Some advantages are, they can gain and be richer than any families that does not practices political dynasty. They can expand their territories than other politicians that don’t run with their family in government, and they can be more famous and be known what they have done and contributed for our country. Their family names will be imprinted in our history in terms of politics, people will recognize them anywhere they go and respect them if you’re a good leader or you lead them in a positive and helpful way.

But practicing political dynasty has also disadvantages not only to your family but also to the society. Being famous in politics is prone to different problems and threats to you and your family. Some people are not favor in practicing political dynasty, but some people it’s alright to lead them by the families in politics. Those people who are not favor in political dynasty maybe see the anomaly that some government officials do in our country, the problems that still unsolved in their city that their government promises, that’s why some people are afraid to elect officials that are connected with each other, because they will commit the same mistake they have done for the past years.

Some people write a petition to stop practicing political dynasty so that to give chance to a new breed of politicians that will run in our country and to stop corruption that their families made by years in sitting on their position. There is nothing wrong in practicing political dynasty, as long as the leader that will run our country has a pure intention in helping our people and changing our ways of living and believing to accomplished anything as one community not only in our country but in the world.


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