Saturday, May 30, 2015

Top 5 Things Single and Successful Female Yuppies Understand

How many of you, smart and successful female yuppies get to be told you are single because you are intimidating?  While it is quite a blur why “success” attached to a woman is intimidating, it clearly is the case. Well, almost always. Depending on one’s definition of “success”, it is a possibility that a man is interested with a woman who’s at least a step ahead in the ladder.

For single and successful female yuppies, ”success” most likely mean being able to exceed pre-21st century  notion of staying at home exclusively, the outcome of life at home as managed by them, and the degree of importance their opinions have on their peers’ issues.
In this blog entry, “success” refers to the point reached in one’s career as a woman; the ones that are smart, driven, thriving, and leading in their chosen professional field. Those who take charge to get things done, whether in the group or an organization as a whole, are considered by men the most intimidating of all. If men don’t feel that way, then great! They are the gentlemen of the 21st century, and the very ones we single and successful female yuppies are looking for.

Here are the top 5 things single female yuppies may agree on:

1. It is you, men, who set the standards of “what we are looking for”. Most men tend to shy away from women who might be ahead in the professional world, forgetting that we are on to actually challenge ourselves, and not them. In the world where the glass ceiling still exists no matter how minimal, to reach the point in our careers where we get to take the lead empower us. However, just because we take control of what’s going on in the workplace doesn’t mean we wanted the same thing in our relationships. As a matter of fact, we are interested in men who can make us stay grounded and tell us we must at least stop pushing ourselves too hard. Further, we are not choosing mates based on professional standing alone. You need not be ahead of us in the hierarchy of achievements. Just like other women, we fall for wit, dependability, sense of humor, ambitions, and compatibility. If we are managers, it doesn’t automatically make us CEO hunters.

2. Our independence isn’t a threat that we can leave the relationship whenever we want. Instead of considering this a shaky foundation, take it as something attractive. How come, you said? Well, unless you are the type of man who wanted to be smothered 24 hours a day, getting all your private messages read, your phone calls monitored, or your all-guys night out ruined, an independent woman who has her own life makes life less complicated. Because we are independent in our careers, we tend to extend that in many aspects of our lives as well. Just like us, we know how important it is unwind after a stressful week, to work overtime, or to have your free time with the boys alone. Our life doesn’t entirely revolve around you, so we don’t always go clinging on your side, requiring you to boost our self-esteem, and start a fight if we feel you fall short in doing so.

3. Rather than a competitor, we are our men’s number one supporters. Yep, yep, yep! We might be a little competitive in the workplace, but we won’t make our beloved ones feel that. In fact, as we continually progress, we inspire you to achieve the same. Don’t take it as a form of pressure; we know men have the deep-seated, century-old concern on hierarchical dominance, and we are well aware that can make him happy. So, we support you to reach that happiness. With that, we can contribute meaningful ideas on your planning, or lend a hand so you can be ahead of the deadlines. When you needed a witty corporate dinner companion, we can help you earn the boss’ positive impression; we know how it works too! We are not just eye candies who can’t eloquently answer your boss’ queries about what we are passionate about. We are capable of sharing equally relevant ideas with the boss’ wife and help you break down barriers. We want an equal partner in all facets of life, which leads us to the next item.

 4. Our success in the job, monetized, will help us become financially stable as partners. Let’s face it. In today’s commercialized world, a double source of good income can spell the difference in terms of where you can build a home together, how far you can travel, how well you can provide for your kids and their education. Or maybe, how often you can enjoy fancy dinner dates that yuppies need to break free from the stressful corporate world. Stop being chauvinistic. It is gentlemanly to foot the bills for the date but that might be depressing for your budget plans, too. You see, we know how hard we must work to earn some money and we feel you. Unless your income alone can sufficiently support a convenient family life, given that everything goes smoothly all throughout, you need a providing partner as well. Yes, money can’t buy us happiness, but we can possibility do what makes us happy with the resources we have, put together.

5. We are appreciative ego boosters. We may have experience the same “another bad day in the office” thing that you have, and we know what actions are required to ease that bad day at work issue. Making you feel better do not require buying gifts alone, we understand there are priceless things that can do the job better, like preparing your favorite dish, or giving you a massage, instead of nagging at you and your failure to update about the entire day while she waited the whole day for your call, thinking you might be flirting with a colleague you must collaborate with to accomplish your tasks.  We can create meaningful days while you are at work and we know that at the end of the day, it’s the little things that stand out and make us forget about that crappy day. Other than that, don’t you think a man feel a lot prouder is he is with someone many people think are intimidating to approach, and even win? Going back to that hierarchical dominance, your woman tells so much about what you are capable of achieving.

We know many men are intimidated by single and successful female yuppies whom they consider to be someone that’s ambitious, assertive, opinionated and aggressive. Of course, a relationship that’s nurturing, something which is supposed to be, must be grounded on similar personal foundations, and that can explain why successful men like their women the same. If you feel you fall short of the expectations you perceived we have, we can’t do anything about it. You see, some of us will do the first move to assure you it is okay; many of us would feel you are not confident or strong enough. We want you to remember we like our men stronger than us. Intimidation isn’t something from women. Rather, it is the issue of men.  

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