Monday, January 25, 2016

Who Else Are Heading to Germany?

Who Else Are Heading to Germany? Perhaps this is one of the questions you ask when you realized you are about to venture into an entirely new country. After finding the love of my life (I have written about this personal account here) and deciding it is better to start a family on the opposite of the world, I started feeling a bit curious and nervous about whether I could find some new friends easily in Germany. 

I personally have two friends who are married to Germans; one being my close high school buddy living in Hanover and one being my former student in the university who is about to fly to her husband in Leipzig. In our case, however, we are setting our eyes on settling in Schwarzwald (Black Forest) in the South West of Germany bordering Switzerland and France. 

In the past few weeks, I had been surfing the web to find more information on Integrationkurs and accreditation of my degrees to survive and thrive in Deutschland. I am career-oriented and it can be quite boring to just stay home doing nothing by the time I arrive. On the same note, I was quite wondering how easy or difficult it is to pass the A1 exam in Goethe Institut in Manila. Any thoughts on this?

As I have this most wonderful experience in my life to date, there are just so many questions in my mind too. In fact to document the journey, I decided to make a new blog I called Becoming Deutsch. This will also be an avenue for my thoughts and for sharing the experiences with the love of my life, Chris. Quite soon, we (Chris and I) will be writing about our experiences as a Filipino-German couple to inspire and help others who are in the same boat as we are. 

It is my fervent wish to find new friends, who share many things in common with me, in Germany. 

Dankë schön! 


  1. Hello again! Just want to give a helping hand. :) I can't say that the A1 exam is easy, but if you study hard enough, and keep practicing your listening, comprehension and speaking skills, then it will be. :) Linking Karlota's blog because I think it was awesome of her to self-study and score so well. :)

    1. Thanks so much. I saw the links and will add those to my materials. :)