Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vocabulary for IELTS part 1

slum or place with houses roughly made

rambling, expansive, straggling, straggly, spreading

Satellite cities       
country dependent on another country: a nation or political unit that is dependent economically and politically on another more powerful nation
suburb: a town or small city located near and dependent on a larger city

handle something successfully: to deal successfully with a difficult problem or situation

uselessness, desuetude (formal), undesirability, outmodedness, oldness

severe, bleak, austere, inhospitable, stark, bitter

possess something desirable: to possess or contain something, especially something desirable

plan: a plan or strategy designed to deal with a particular problem
introductory step: the first step in a process that, once taken, determines subsequent events

something that encourages somebody to action: something that encourages or motivates somebody to do something

supplying of something: the act of providing or supplying something

insignificant: too small or unimportant to be worth considering

plan of action: a systematic plan of action

property rights: the rights of a tenant to hold property, or the holding of property as a tenant

illegal occupant of land or property: an illegal occupant of land or property, especially somebody who takes over and lives in somebody else's empty house

usual or established: using well-established methods or styles

socially accepted: conforming to socially accepted customs of behavior or style, especially in a way that lacks imagination

Poverty line           
income level defining poverty: a level of income below which somebody is considered to be living in poverty. It is based on the price of basic necessities and is usually determined by a government.

difficult to deal with: difficult to deal with or solve

period of time something lasts: the length of time that something lasts, with a fixed beginning and end, often a period during which a person holds an appointment or office or serves time in a correctional institution (formal)

somebody powerful: an amasser of great wealth and power, especially in business

group representing somebody: a group of people chosen to represent or act on behalf of somebody

independence: the right to self-government without interference from outside

offer price for work: to offer to do a piece of work for a specific price
say to somebody: to say something to somebody as a greeting or farewell
attempt: an attempt to do something or get something

endanger somebody or something: to put somebody or something at risk of being lost, harmed, killed, or destroyed

revise something thoroughly: to examine and revise something thoroughly

causing argument: provoking strong disagreement or disapproval, e.g. in public debate

dissenting minority within larger group: a group that is a minority within a larger group and has interests or beliefs that are not always in harmony with the larger group

prevention of access: an organized action to prevent people or goods entering or leaving a place

cause somebody to act: to make somebody decide to do something

not confined to single nation: not confined to a single nation or state, but including, extending over, or operating within more than one

eject somebody from property: to force a tenant to leave a property, especially the tenant's residence, usually because he or she has failed to comply with the terms of the lease

neglected and dirty: neglected, unsanitary and unpleasant

even though: used to introduce a statement that modifies a statement just made

socially or culturally prohibited: forbidden to be used, mentioned, or approached because of social or cultural rather than legal prohibitions

authoritative recommendation: the act of ordering or recommending a particular course of action authoritatively

written order for medicine: a written order issued by a physician or other qualified practitioner that authorizes a pharmacist to supply a specific medication for a patient, with instructions on its use (often used before a noun)

force somebody: to force somebody to do something

greatly: to a very great and usually very worrying degree

Work Redundancies           
dismissal from work: dismissal from employment because the job or the worker has been deemed no longer necessary

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