Saturday, August 21, 2010

i’m still into you???!

It is perfectly fine if you should assume I’m still into you! That would never change anything in me, anyway. I just can’t help but wonder what made you think that way.
Oh yes, I care about the friendship for as much as I used to care about you, but it has ended there. That was history. When you get to talk with me as if nothing really happened was at first flattering but ultimately ended up a frustrating one. Now I think I have figured out the reason, and I felt sorry for making you think that way. I’m still concerned about you, but let’s not give another color to that. If I’m doing you small favors, don’t ever think it’s my way of saying I need you back coz it won’t happen. 
At times of hurting, I believe that wasn’t just the mistake of a single person. It was our mutual decision. I have hurt your feelings, but that is just as much as the pain you caused. You started something you can’t even stand firm for coz you’re afraid to take the risks and fight for it when needed. We both have suffered and we deserved it. Quite painful, yet there is nothing left to do but to be objective enough to know possibilities from impossible ones.

Who else would disagree with your claim you are quite good looking? Every single friend would likely give two thumbs up. But it isn’t what you think it is. Things never revolve around there. It is never the measurement of how I should have my choices; rather, it can be marked as bonus. It is never fair for you to think you can always comeback because you have the confidence I can’t get over you.. LOL! Again, it has long been over!

I know you are workaholic, but that doesn’t mean I would at all times understand that. I had been lenient about that flaw, but you have reached the limits of my patience. If you think women would surely be happy with all the material things men bring in exchange for their long absence, then take me differently. The things you can buy will never ever replace the time you could have devoted to me. Money can do the tricks of life, but I just can’t live like this. Your silence has been so long I didn’t realize you still exist.

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