Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forever Thankful: A Mother’s Day tribute to my mom

I know that I have never been perfect but you are always there, caring, understanding, loving me more than anyone else did.

When you brought me out of this world, I know I was never really needed. You have got three already, thanks to my brother’s request, though, I was given the opportunity to see this wonderful world.  We all know what hardships we’ve been through. But thanks for always being strong; showing us everything is perfectly OK, doing personal sacrifices to cover them up. No matter what I do, I know I can never pay it back.

Thank you so much for listening whole heartedly in every single story I tell. Though some of them are soooo old to be told, you always have the eager ear to make me feel it’s a brand new story. It eases the pain I feel everytime I see your face across the table, listening eagerly to what I am saying. Or touching my hair while I’m lying on my bed.

Thanks for raising me the way I am right now. Thanks for the lessons of life. I will always live by them. Though I have many challenges ahead, I bravely face them all because I know that when I go home, I will always be hailed the winner and the best daughter there is.

Thanks for always reminding me that I still have the power to get what I wanted. When I am down, I know that you are always the crowning glory I look forward to. Thanks for always taking the shadows for me to get into success you have always wanted for yourself.  

Thanks for instilling in me the value of excellence in everything I do. I have failed to give you the highest honors in school, but you always believed that I am the first, that no one else has to bring me down. Thanks for the childhood lesson you have given, I know I have pleased countless people, but I’m not convinced I have given my best to make you proud.

When I was young, I find it hard to understand why I should take academic things seriously, but you led me to the correct path telling me that is the only way to make my life better. Thank you so much mom for developing in me the love of the written words. For giving me the chance to learn ahead of my age. For being patient teaching me how to read and write when I was two. It was later in my life when I realized that it has defined the way I had been through my dreams. For people who believed in me, I may not be smart enough to do everything but you always give hope each time I experience failure.

Thanks for the comforting words and hugs you readily give when I feel hurt. I don’t know how to get through my life if you were not there, telling me I’m just human to commit mistakes, be hurt, and learn lessons the hard way.

Thanks for emphasizing and showing me the example of how should I show love to others.

Thanks for always greeting me by the door everytime I go home, asking me about my day @ work.

Thanks for reassuring that I am still loved regardless of how bad I get sometimes.

Thanks for reminding me the value of respect, belief in God, and forgiveness.

Thanks for the goodnight kisses and hugs you offer to make me feel better just before I close my eyes every single day.

Thanks for the sacrifices you have done, to the extent of spoiling me. Sometimes I act childish when I’m with you, but thank you so much for the assuring smile telling me it’s fine.

There is no enough way to tell you how thankful I am for you…
Nevertheless, I promise to be the best I can be. I love you mom. You’re the best there is!

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